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Where is the Institute based?
The IoR is London based in offices at 31 Worship Street in East London. We are a registered Private Limited Company, with an overseeing Board of Governors.

What is the Membership of the IoR?
We have nearly 1000 individual members, representing approximately 10% of roofing management in the UK.

What is the IoR about – what are its objectives?
The IoR promotes the improvement of individual’s skill and knowledge and gives those individuals a recognized qualification and status within the roofing industry and beyond. Having achieved a qualification, members can gain their Professionally Qualified Person's card through the Professional Membership Route.

Where can I get Information and News about the Institute?
The Institute of Roofing is currently on Twitter. Please follow us on for the latest news updates. Information will also be posted on the website.

Does the IoR provide its own training courses?
No – The IoR in common with most other professional bodies, is not a Training Provider, but we work closely with Construction Skills, Colleges, Roofing Training Groups and other Training Providers to ensure there are Roofing Management and Technician courses available. Most courses depend on a minimum number of students.

Are the courses restricted geographically?
No – within reason the courses can be run anywhere in the UK, subject to costs and student numbers.

What are the Institute’s examinations and how do they work?
The IoR sets the examinations at both Licentiate and Associate grade, supervise and mark the exams and award grades and a professional qualification, according to the pass mark. There are 3 exams per session. Paper 1a takes 60 minutes and has short questions (25 from 30) on general roofing knowledge. Paper 1b takes 90 minutes and has 5 questions requiring detailed answers on general roofing and management knowledge. Paper 2 takes 150 minutes and is roofing discipline specific, with the student choosing their subject from Slating and Tiling, Sheeting and Cladding, Built-up Roofing, Mastic Asphalt, Single Ply and Liquid Coatings. The marking grades are as follows:

0 to 49% Fail ; 50 to 64% Pass ; 65 to 79% Merit ; 80 to 100% Distinction.

Most examinations take place at the end of organized Roofing Management and Technician courses, but individuals with the right levels of roofing and roofing management knowledge may apply to the IoR to take the examinations. These would normally involve travelling to the IoR’s offices in London, although there may be exceptions to this.
There is a £20 fee for registering and taking the examination and the normal joining fee and subscription are payable before membership is approved.

Do I have to join the Institute of Roofing before I take the examinations?
Yes – you have to become an Affiliate of the IoR before you can take the exams. Affiliate is not a grade of membership. As an Affiliate you are affiliated to the IoR, whilst you study for the IoR examinations and gain your qualification.

Are there full or part exemptions from the examinations?
Yes – a full list of exemptions are available from the IoR. They vary from full exemption for certain NVQ criteria to part exemptions for membership of the CIoB and educational achievements such as Degrees, BTEC, City and Guilds awards.

If a Student passes the examinations can she or he get a National Vocational Qualification?
No – the combined Licentiate and Associate courses, with examination passes at both grades, will cover about 95% of the requirements of NVQ3 Construction Contracting Operations, but she or he will still have to go through the usual mentoring and assessment process, but obviously greatly shortened.

Once I am a member of the Institute, can I use the Institute logo or my membership for my company?
No you cannot use the IoR logo to indicate you are a member of the IoR. Membership gives individuals working in the roofing industry a professional qualification and status, which applies to that individual only. The member may show on their business cards and after their signatures, their grade letters e.g. MIoR, AIoR or LIoR as an individual, but no reference to company membership of the IoR must be used. The IoR and Trading Standards take action against those who do.

Once I become a member how can I be involved locally?
We have a Regional structure with 7 active Regions – Scotland, Yorkshire and North East, North West, Midlands, Eastern, Southern and South Wales and South West. Each has Regional Officers who hold 3 to 4 regional meetings every year, usually with industry speakers, visits to manufacturers and other venues of interest.

If I am a member of the Institute, is there a way for me to obtain a CSCS Management Card?
Yes the IoR is recognized as a Professional Body by CSCS and you can gain your card by applying to CSCS Ltd., on forms downloadable from the IoR Website. You will need to complete the forms, including your IoR membership number, take the required Health and Safety tests and pay the £25 card fee. The PMMR (Professional Membership Mapped Route) for the PQP (Professionally Qualified Persons) is available for Fellows, Members, Associates and Licentiates.
Full details and forms are on the IoR website

What are the main benefits of membership of the Institute?
There is a comprehensive leaflet and CSCS details on our Website, but the main benefits and services for members are:
Services: Legal questions and problems, high quality insurance advice and packages, training and consultation on Health and Safety and Healthcare medical plans.
Benefits: Belonging to a recognized professional body with a recognized professional qualification, structured qualification career path, continuous professional development, advice on Training courses and examinations, Regional membership with regional meetings, talks, seminars, factory and works visits. National Annual Conference. News Bulletins. Free advice service and free copies for both the RCi and Roofing magazines. The ability to obtain or upgrade your CSCS management card by the Professional CSCS Route.