AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM of the Institute was held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, NEC Birmingham on Thursday 20th. October and was very supported by members and sponsors.

This year's event was designed to associate the Institute with and sponsor the Construction Uk exhibition and conference at the NEC.

Hon. President Gordon Penrose FIoRgave his annual address to the Institute remarking that it had been a very positive year, consolidating and building on last year's position, commenting that he felt the Institute was on the very of a very exciting expansion given the experience of the existing Board members and the enthusiasm of the new Board members joining today.

The new Regional re-organisation was developing very well and new Regional Chairs are in place which will contribute greatly to the plans for enhanced membership participation.

Our new admin manager, Laura Brewer was now settled into her post and member are already seeing the benefit of her work.

Mike Long had decided at the end of last year to retire from his post and the IoR would recognise that long service during the course of the AGM. His position of Operations Director has been filled by Matthew Fry FIoR who has settled into the position and working both with the Board and the various sub-committees. Gordon concluded his address by wishing for the current pans and developments to continue apace wishing the Board well in the coming year.

Alex Owens FIoR retires as Chair

This year saw the end of a 4 year term as Chair for Alex Owens FIoR who delivered a very heartfelt address to the members looking back on his term of office remarking that there had been many significant changes to the Institute which were all leading to significant development in every area of member interest. Alex called for the continued support of the members for his successor Ian Letham FIoR.

Ian Letham  has been involved with the IoR for many years and has served on a number of committees, laterally the Membership committee and as Vice Chair. He takes over the reigns at a time of significant change and and development for the Institute with a number of new Board members taking post and new committees being formed to look in greater detail at where we can offer better service and value to the membership.


New Board Structure. All members recently received forms requesting nominations to the Board and the results were announced at the AGM. Most significantly the Board now sees a rise in female representation with an increase from 1 female Board member to 5

The new Board structure is

Back row l-rGordon Penrose FIoR (Hon.President. Matthew Fry FIoR (Ops.Dir.) Martin Adwick FIoR Ian Letham FIoR (Chair) Lynn Street MIoR Gary Lane FIoR Mark Sulik FIoR

Front row l-r Alex Owens FIoR (Past Chair) Livia Williams FIoR (Vice Chair) Denise Williams MIoR Kay Rose MIoR Maureen Johnson FIoR   

Mike Long FIoRwas there at the start. A Founder Member of the IoR, Mike has seen every step of the way in our development from a small group of interested members to the National body the Institute now is.

A great deal of the Institute success can lie squarely at Mike's door.  He decided to retire from active duty within the IoR late last year but given Mike's extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, retirement was never going to be an easy step for him. Subject to numerous phone calls and emails, especially from his successor, Mike continues to play an active advisor role within the Institute.

That said, it was unanimously agreed by the board that his retirement should be marked at the AGM with a small presentation to show both the Board and the membership's appreciation of the many years of service given by Mike. He thanked the Board and the membership for taking the time to mark his service.

Helen Jenkins AIoR, HSEQ Manager of Nautilus Roofing proved to be the cream of the crop in 2015-16 winning Student of the Year. Helen has achieved a remarkable run of achievements inavert short time not least with her current employer where she has barely set her feet under the table and already she has helped her company to achieve NFRC Excellence in Health & Safety. Helen acknowledges that the knowledge picked up on the Assoc. course will more than contribute to her career development.

Denise Cherry MIoR  Chair of Education and Examination gave a very informed talk on CPD to the AGM, reminding everyone that CPD was a required element of membership. Breaking down the elements, Denise brought the need for keeping up to date with industry knowledge and best practise as essential elements of everyday successful business life. On behalf of the Institute, Denise announced that the IoR had just completed an agreement with an online provider to supply members access to online training, details of which will be released to the membership very shortly.

Lynn Street MIoR (Chair of Women in Roofing - WinR) gave a very informative presentation on the current position of the WinR group. Now having been formally adopted into the IoR, WinR were very keen to speak to promote their activities within the IoR platform.

Keynote speaker, Mary Sisson of Awbery Management gave a very informative and evocative talk on Corporate burn-out. There wasn't a member present who could not relate to at least one of the symptoms that Mary related to during her presentation. Mary focused on the need to recognise the signs when things are becoming too much to cope with and the fact that industry has a responsibility to deal with the issue sympathetically both for the welfare of the individual and the success of the business.


The AGM closed with a vote of thanks to the Chair and all retired to a very pleasant lunch followed by a trip to view the Construction UK exhibition.