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Annual Subscriptions on Direct Debit

As with membership of most professional or social organisations today, there is a drive to minimise both paperwork and the admin burden and most organisations have moved annual subscriptions to a Direct Debit payment system.

It’s a pain trying to keep track of paperwork popping through the door or having to deal with endless reminders so why not sign up to the Institute’s new Direct Debit system being launched in time for the 2018-19 subscription renewal.

With this in mind, over the course of the next month you’ll be receiving an email from the office requesting you to make sure your contact details are correct. Please take the couple of minutes it needs to respond even just dropping a line to say that the details we hold are correct and haven’t changed.

The second stage will be the contact asking you to register for Direct Debit. Again, please respond to this as soon as you receive the communication. You’ll then receive a confirmation ahead of the new subscription year which starts in September.

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