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Membership Grades

Joining the Institute of Roofing will enable you to use the status of your membership with qualification after your name.

The following is a guide to membership criteria, but reference should be made Constitution & Rules for the exact requirements.

Associate, Member, Fellow and Honorary Fellow are the four grades of membership with clear qualification for each.


Affiliation to the Institute is open to those individuals engaged in the Industry who are new to the roofing industry or who do not qualify for direct entry. They must complete an application form and be sponsored by two members of the Institute. They will be affiliated for a maximum 5 years and in this period will be expected to study and take the examinations leading to either Licentiate or Associate grades. Affiliation is not a grade of membership and affiliates are entitled to attend General meetings of the Institute but not entitled to vote.


Every Associate shall:

(i) have passed the examination and be sponsored by two Members.


(ii) have the necessary National Vocational Qualification or appropriate level of competency required by the Institute, to give full exemption from the examination evidenced by supporting documentation submitted to the Institute of Roofing.


Every Member shall:

(i) have served for ten years in the roofing industry and have the appropriate level of competency required by the Institute of Roofing evidenced by supporting documentation submitted to the Institute of Roofing.


(ii) Submit an application form together with detailed curriculum vitae, showing evidence of suitable competence, training and relevant experience for approval by the Institute of Roofing.


(iii) be sponsored by two Fellows of the Institute.


Every Fellow shall:

(i) have served as a Director or senior manager within the roofing industry for a minimum of 5 years and have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the industry.

(ii) submit an application form, sponsored by 2 Fellows together with a detailed curriculum vitae showing evidence of competence, knowledge and senior management experience.

(iii) Commit to actively recruit employees or colleagues to join the Institute of Roofing.

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