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Membership Subscriptions

All Applicants for membership of the Institute pay the Joining Fee on Application.

Once your application has been approved and graded, you will be invoiced separately for your annual subscription. Membership is not valid until your Annual Subscription is paid.

New members may be subject to a reduction in rates for the remainder of the membership year (1st September-31st August) depending on when the application is made as follows: September-November Full Fee, December-February 75%, March-May 50%, June-August 25%.

Member Subscriptions – From 1st September 2020

Existing MembersAffiliateAssociateMemberFellowRetired / Redundant
Subscription Fee£34.17£89.17£122.50£160.00£39.17
VAT @ 20%£6.83£17.833£24.50£32.00£7.83
Total Fee 2020/21£41.00£107.00£147.00£192.00£47.00

Joining Fee New Members

Please note that the joining fee (£56.67 + VAT) is non-refundable.

New MembersAffiliateAssociateMemberFellowRetired / Redundant
Joining Fee£56.67£56.67£56.67£56.67N/A
VAT @ 20%£11.33£11.33£11.33£11.33
Total Joining Fee£68.00£68.00£68.00£68.00N/A

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Individual membership subscription is payable by Direct Debit.  If the subscription is to be paid by your company and an invoice is required to be sent directly to your accounts department, please contact to set up a company account.

A single payment by Direct Debit will be taken on 1st September annually, and will be equal to the fees for your membership grade for the prevailing year, as published on the Institute of Roofing website.  Once your application has been received, our Admin team will be in touch with you with details on how to set up your Direct Debit.

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