Midlands Region Institute of Roofing Meeting - Thu. 8th February 2018

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SPV Managing Director Howard Evans and Commercial Director Kate Whatley acting as Chair and Vice Chair of the Midlands region of the Institute of Roofing were delighted to host the Midlands Region Institute of Roofing Meeting in conjunction with Ash and Lacy Building Systems at their Smethwick facility on the 8th February.  

The meeting was aimed at Cladding professionals and was attended by Contractors, Designers, Consultants and suppliers.

Ash and Lacy CEO Dr Jonathan Evans delivered an incredibly interesting and thought provoking presentation regarding Building Regulations and Cladding post Grenfell.

Guests were then offered a tour of Ash and lacy Building Systems and were treated to a buffet lunch kindly provided by Ash and Lacy.

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London & South Regional Meeting - Tue. July 11th.

  London & South Regional Meeting - Village Life

London & South Regional Meeting - Village Life

London & South Regional Meeting

  London & South Regional Meeting

London & South Regional Meeting


The latest regional meeting of London and the South took place on July 11th at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford, Farnham. Hosted by Reg. Chair, Maureen Johnson the event proved to be a very popular choice of venue.


Main theme for the day was a presentation by James Eden of IKO on the subject of Mastic Asphalt which was very well received. The slides and discussions included different types of asphalt roof build ups, car parks, flooring etc. Hackney College was discussed as that is where the next generation of spreaders carry out their training. They also make the wooden asphalt floats at the college, as these are not available to purchase over the counter.


An additional bonus to the meeting was a presentation to members on the new IoR Member Benefit Package being rolled out to the full membership as of August 1st. Look for more information in your email over the next couple of weeks.

Nigel gave members a run through on how to register for the first time and how to make the most of the great offers contained in the package.


Big thanks to Maureen for organising the day and to Mark Dunn of Langley for acting as Reg. Secretary for the meeting (again).

 Mastic Asphalt presentation

Mastic Asphalt presentation

London & North Regional Meeting - Thu. July 6th.

 London & North Group

London & North Group

London & North Regional Meeting

 London & North Meeting

London & North Meeting


Thursday 6th. July saw the London and North Region hold it’s meeting at the fantastic Stow Maries WW1 Airfield and Aircraft museum in Essex. Hosted by Reg. Chair, Roz Richardson, the event proved extremely popular with attendees.

On this occasion an evening start proved to be a great decision as the museum was more or less deserted of regular visitors leaving it exclusively to the IoR members to enjoy.


The tour guides proved to be extremely knowledgeable and very enthusiastic members of the restoration team at Stow Maries which is apparently the most complete example of a WW1 airfield anywhere in the world.


There are also a number of replica examples of all the WW1 aircraft which flew from Stow Maries. Many people have a fairly romantic idea of the life of a WW1 pilot but having seen the fragile construction of the planes and the cold, exposed flying conditions of the pilots it’s probably the last place you would want to have as your place of work, especially when we learned that these planes didn’t have room for the luxury of such things as parachutes in the event of being shot down.


The official presentation of the day was the introduction of the new IoR member benefits package by Nigel Brittle of Touchpoint, our new member benefits partner. Nigel’s presentation went down extremely well when members realised the very significant savings which can be made simply by using this new free service to members.


The new Member Benefit package is being rolled out to the general membership as of August 1st. so look for more news on this coming through your email.


To support this roll-out, Nigel brittle will be attending Regional meetings to explain the package more thoroughly so again, look out for details in your regional meeting alerts.


Big thanks to Roz on choosing this fantastic venue and to the staff at Stow Maries for making it such an enjoyable and informative evening.

 Chair - Roz Richardson  

Chair - Roz Richardson  


North East Regional Meeting - Tue. June 13th.

 Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle

North East Regional Meeting


The newly resurrected North East Region has now had a second members’ meeting. This time the venue was the glorious setting of Lumley Castle Hotel, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham on Tuesday 13th. June.


A late morning start was the time chosen as suiting the majority of the N.E. members and in association with the North East Regional Roof Training Group, the meeting was well attended.


Unfortunately, the main speaker was unable to attend however, IoR Operations Director, matthew Fry FIoR gave a short talk on “making the most of IoR membership” after which an open session on Regional development ensued.


Members enjoyed an excellent buffet lunch before departure.

The next N.E. Regional meeting is planned for September. Look out for details in your email and on this site.

 North East Regional Meeting

North East Regional Meeting

 Chairman    Alan Chapman


Alan Chapman

 Vice Chairman  Vice Chair - David Broom

Vice Chairman

Vice Chair - David Broom

 Vice Chair  Vincent Akogbue

Vice Chair

Vincent Akogbue

Midlands Regional Meeting - Monday June 27th.


Regions Director, Gary lane FIoR has submitted the following report on the recent Regional meeting in the Midlands.

A very well attended event sporting 42 members and guests enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining meeting at Walsall FC ground on Monday and were very educated and entertained by not one but three guest speakers.

Paul Harper of Midlands Roof Training Group gave an update on the Group activities including what’s available by way of grants, courses and qualifications for all involved in the roofing industry.

Kate Whately, Vice Chair of Midlands Region and also Vice Chair of Women in Roofing (WinR) gave an update on the activities of WinR incuding the recent conference and focus group meetings. Kate recently made a presentation to the Board of the IoR highlighting the important role and participation of women in the industry.

Mark Sulik, MD of Durrant Consulting rounded off the day with an informed presentation of the life and work of a roofing consultant.


Details of the next regional event will be circulated soon.

 Midlands Reg. Chair, Howard Evans and Vice Chair, Kate Whately

Midlands Reg. Chair, Howard Evans and Vice Chair, Kate Whately

 Long Term IoR Sponsor, Bob Mantle MD of Ampteam Ltd

Long Term IoR Sponsor, Bob Mantle MD of Ampteam Ltd


NFRC Ireland AGM


The recent AGM of the all Ireland Region of the NFRC was held at the CITB premises at Crumlin, County Antrim and brought a very welcome opportunity for Marketing Director, Matthew Fry FIoR to visit and present the IoR to the members.

Very warmly welcomed by our Hon. President Gordon Penrose FIoR and IoR Regional Chair Geoffrey Parkinson, the meeting was very well attended. Also in attendance were NFRC (now Past) President Andrew TurnbullNFRC CEO James Talman and NFRC Ireland Chair George Prentice.  

Following a very smooth business session we all enjoyed a presentation by James Talman introducing himself as the new CEO of the NFRC in which he revealed that in a previous life had served in the air force as an Air Traffic Controller and that he frequently sent pilots off "somewhere". We're all still unsure as to whether he or they knew where that somewhere actually was.

As an element of the day I was invited to deliver a short presentation on the Institute of Roofing highlighting the merits and benefits of becoming a member.

In fairness I think, given the attention by the audience that it was well received and Geoffrey Parkinson intimates that Irish membership having stood at around 5 at the start of the year is now rapidly approaching the 50 mark, all of which I can say is down to the sheer hard work and commitment of Geoffrey and Gordon.


It might interest the membership to know that at the end of the meeting we were invited to inspect CITB Northern Irelands latest "toy". They have acquired a video box.

This is a construction approx 4 mtrs x 4 mtrs. with an enclosed roof. Once inside and with the door closed, it becomes a 4 walled video screen system.

We were treated to a show of the Health and Safety programme which felt very real when running. I found myself stepping out of the way of a swinging JCB arm and then moving aside to avoid some pallets which were "lying" beside me.


All in all, a very successful day both for the IoR and NFRC.


Matthew Fry FIoR


Scottish Regional Meeting 26th May 2016

In the absence of Regional Chair Matthew Fry FIoR, the meeting was presided over by Vice Chair, George C Drummond who welcomed all to Colville Park Golf and Country Club.

Following the usual business element of the meeting an update of recent changes and developments within the IoR was given by National Chairman Alex Owens FIoR.

Colin McCorquodale, Regional Chair of NFRC gave an update on events within the NFRC advising the members of the success of the recent national Roofing Awards and particularly reminding the members of the forthcoming NFRC Scottish Regional Awards Luncheon on Friday 4th. November.

Ian Letham FIoR gave an update on training activities and courses available from IRT Scotland.

Of special mention was a report and feedback on the success of the recent joint IoR / NFRC Golf Day at Kirkintlloch G.C. organised on behalf of IoR/NFRC by IRT Scotland.

A full card of 20 four-ball teams entered for the day and such was the level of enjoyment that the majority of teams taking part have already booked for next year.


There then followed a presentation by Fiona Maitland MIPD giving a very enjoyable and informative overview of life in the world of H.R. and Personal Development.

Fiona has many years of professional experience in the field and has set up her own business on a trainer/consultancy basis.

IRT Scotland will be running a course in September in conjunction with Fiona on "Effective Recruitment" dealing with the many do's when recruiting new staff into your business.


The presentation was enjoyed immensely by the members judging by the many questions asked. We're looking forward to Fiona's next contribution to the Regional meetings.


The meeting was then closed by George C Drummond, Vice Chair who thanks Fiona in particular, everyone in general and reminding everyone that the next Regional meeting will take place in September.


Ben Letham MIoR

Scottish Regional Secretary

London & Southern Counties Regional Meeting


London & Southern Counties held their Regional meeting on Thursday June 2nd at Cranleigh near Guildford within the premises of Whitesales Ltd.

IoR Director of Marketing, Matthew Fry FIoR opened the meeting and introduced new Regional Chair, Maureen Johnson, better known in social media circles as "the roofing fairy godmother" who then presided over the meeting.

The members were given updates on recent events within the IoR and particularly reminded of the forthcoming AGM to be held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel on Thursday 20th. October 2016 where the IoR have partnered with Construction Week. The AGM offers an excellent opportunity for members to take in the Construction Week at the same time.


There then followed a CPD presentation by Laura Stevenson of Sika Liquid Plastics on the latest developments in liquid roofing technology which was very well received by the members.

Following on from Sika Liquid Plastics, the members enjoyed a further technical presentation and factory tour by Damian White of Whitesales Ltd on the latest technology involved in rooflights.

A very healthy and informative Q & A session followed the technical presentations after which Maureen thanked Sika Liquid Plastics for providing the catering, Whitesales Ltd for hosting the meeting and the members for taking the time out to support both the IoR and the Region. Information on the next regional meeting will be circulated shortly.

Scottish Region Quarterly meeting 11th Feb 2016




Attendees:  Eric Donnelly, Alex McLeod, Bill King, C King, Matthew Fry, Ian Letham, Colin McCorquodale, Gavin McCorquodale, Stuart Tulloch, Allan Anderson, George Drumond Jnr, Dougie McCallum, Stewart Winning, David Cook, Jamie Jones, Gregor Hutchison, Billy Reilly, Ben Letham.


Apologies: Alex Owens, D Broom, David Broom, Iain Lyons, Roger Wilson.


1: Matthew Fry, Chairman, opened proceedings with a warm welcome.


2: Matthew noted the AGM will be on the 20th October at the NEC.  This will coincide with Construction Week.

Mike Long is retiring from IoR and the process to look for a new Operations Director is progressing with a view to completion by end March 2016.

The website is now up and running.  The Members area is being developed.  This will require members to have a gmail account to sign in so please set one up.  Once this is live the member will have their own ‘my IoR’ area on the site.  This will record all CPD’s and other training.  Members were reminded that CPD is a condition of membership.

Membership payment can also be made through the website securely.


The IoR/NFRC Scottish golf day will be held on Friday 20th May at Kirkintilloch Golf Club. Sponsors are being sought for the event.  Anyone interested please contact Ian Letham or Matthew Fry.  Last years event was a sell out and very popular.


3:  Colin McCorquodale, Scottish NFRC chairman, gave an update on the NFRC.   He advises James Talman is bedding in well and has already made the trip to the Scottish Region and met with many key stakeholders in the region.

The NFRC are joining the 21st century with the new Roofing Times publication.  This should be sent automatically to members.  If you do not receive it please let John McKinney (Regional Manager) know.

The dinner dance is March is sold out.

The Scottish Roofing Awards ceremony will be held on 4th November 2016.  This will in the Grand Central Hotel.  Tickets are not on sale yet.


4:  Mark Chambers of Proctor Group gave a very informative talk on their range of breather membranes and the benefits of their products for the market.  It was very well received.


5:  The Ho-Wong yet again provided a superb meal and this was enjoyed by all.


6:  Matthew closed the evening and thanked all for attending.

LSC Meeting 20th Jan 2016



The LSC meeting was attended and supported by some 32 individuals from various trades and feedback off many of them gave the meeting a very successful rating. On arrival there was a large spread of food and drinks and everybody was net working for 30 minutes before the meeting officially commenced.


I opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking our hosts for assisting in the venue and lovely spread of food they had provided us. I then passed the proceedings over to Martin Bideford of Sika Sarnafil Limited.


Martin ran through the agenda for the day and passed the meeting over to his technical colleague Mark Hibberd to give a CPD presentation on their single ply products. This was followed by a tour of the training workshop where training was taking place.


In the workshop a demonstration was given with regards to the welding techniques of single ply membranes which included hand welding and machine welding. Volunteers were given the opportunity to try out the techniques with the trainer who then took us outside under a canopy and gave demonstrations on the various ways in applying the single ply membranes. This included the mechanical fix method and fully adhered systems.


Following the various demonstrations we all returned into the warmth of the training room where Martin gave an account of what the Associate examination had given him towards his career in roofing, Martin was once an IoR ‘student of the year’.

The meeting was concluded with a further thank you to the hosts and usual safe journey home.

Chris Bussens

11th February 2016

RCI Show 2016

After a hugely successful first year, it’s only right that we will be attending the second RCI Show in Coventry on 27th & 28th January. You will be able to find us at stand F8. All new applications* will be entered into a free prize draw.

Find out more about the RCI Show by clicking here!

*only paid applications will be entered into the prize draw.

35th AGM 2015

Having recently welcomed in a new year for the Institute of Roofing at the ROSL in London, we’re thrilled to say that the 35th AGM was a success with a range of speakers to interest the attendees including key-note speaker Chris Blythe who gave an enthusiastic talk regarding qualifications and collaboration amongst organisations within the construction industry. We were also delighted that Lesley Hodge, a Member of the Institute and a previous winner of the Student of the Year award gave an incredibly inspirational talk on how the Management & Training course she completed has benefited both herself and her business- County Flat Roofing and armed her with a whole wealth of invaluable information.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the sponsors who sponsored the AGM- Saucer Solutions, LRWA, ICB, Templar Roofing, NFRC, CITB, Midlands Roof Training Group and our primary event sponsor Koster Wateroofing Ltd.

We are thoroughly looking forward to next year’s AGM which will be coinciding with Construction Week and will be held at the Hilton NEC in Birmingham on Thursday 20th October. This will provide a great platform for IOR and also an ideal benefit for our attendees who would also like to take a look around the Construction Week show.

Thank you to all of our attendees for making the AGM such a success!

To view the minutes from the AGM please click here

New Web Site launches

We have revamped our web site to coincide with the 35th Annual General Meeting.

New features will include a Members Login area where members can view their personal CPD library and also view tailored training courses for continuing their learning development.

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