Regional activity within the Institute of Roofing represents the biggest opportunity and challenge for us all.

If you can come to a regional meeting you will meet others facing the same challenges that you face.  The opportunity to exchange the solutions to problems that we all meet every day.  Seeing others who have the same interest in improving their self knowledge.  Finding out about new products, systems and current legislation that can affect all of us in our day to day working.

There are members who currently organise regional meetings, but without your attendance these meetings will not take place.

Do you have a contact in the industry who would like to present their product, system or package to others in your region? Are you a manufacturer keen to tell the professionals in roofing about your package?



The Board of Governors, have allocated a Board member to promote, assist and complement Regional activities.

North East - John Pegg FIoR

North West - Martin Adwick FIoR

Midlands - Gary Lane

Eastern - Chris Bussens FIoR

Southern - Mike Long FIoR

South Wales & South West - Mike Long FIoR

Scotland - Matthew Fry FIoR

Ireland - Gordon Penrose FIoR